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Rachel Goldberg, CEO of Sling Health St. Louis 

I am honored to have the opportunity to officially take over as CEO of Sling Health in St. Louis. While Ramin and I have shared these responsibilities for several months now, I understand that leading this organization independently will bring entirely new opportunities and challenges. Ramin has left me with enormous shoes to fill, as Sling Health has grown exponentially under his strong leadership and direction. Following in Ramin's footsteps, I have developed extensive ideas to not only maintain the great successes of the organization, but also continue to improve it. In preparation for this transition, I have been working closely with Kavon Javaherian (current Vice President), the rest of our Student Management Team, and our Advisors to design a comprehensive strategic plan for the next three years. We dove into our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as an organization, which we used to shape our forward-looking strategies, initiatives and associated operations.

Reducing Barriers to Launch

We aim to launch more companies after the Sling Health program, while ensuring a quality educational opportunity for each of our participants through the following initiatives: (1) Identify, secure and utilize more robust post-program funding pathways for teams; (2) Strengthen our educational programming and available resources to ensure teams are using our resources as independently and efficiently as possible; (3) Improve the quality of our clinical problem bank; (4) Provide more support to struggling or pivoting teams mid-cycle. 

New Management Structure, More Collaboration


In addition, we have plans in place to improve the structure and functioning of the Student Management Team to better serve our members. For example, we are establishing a President Emeritus position and will be changing the timing and structure of our transitions. We also have specific plans to expand our campus and community-wide reach to better utilize the talent and various perspectives available to us in St. Louis. For example, we aim to formalize our relationships with our existing partners, the VA Hospital and MEDLaunch. 




We wish to bridge any gaps between graduation from Sling Health to subsequent funding source by providing Sling Health seed grants to our alumni teams. We will also purchase more advanced prototyping equipment for our teams with any funds raised. Finally, we plan to generate professional promotional materials to continue to attract more high-level talent to our teams, along with dedicated mentors and advisors.


It will be a busy several months, but we have a hardworking, passionate, and unbelievably talented Student Management Team and Advisory Board; we are all eager to put these visions and plans into action to have a lasting impact on Sling Health as an organization. 






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